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Carpets for the home & office
Supply & Fit

For many years wall to wall carpeting has always been the preferred floor covering. We offer you "door to door" service which entails a free quotation and expert advice. We have highly experienced in-house fitters (not just casuals off the street), thereby ensuring fully guaranteed and quality workmanship under the watchful eye of management who boast almost 3 decades experience in the game. Very importantly nowadays carpets are hypo-allergenic and are innately treated to repel dirt, termites, etc. Carpeting still offers you that smooth and soft feel.
Carpet Contractors- Installers of Belgotex Carpets | Carpet & Light House
Belgotex Carpets
Belgotex Floorcoverings has been a driving force in the South African residential carpeting industry for the past 22 years. A tradition of technical research, product innovation and a close association with other international carpeting manufacturers and suppliers allows us to offer a complete range of carpeting, including alternative flooring types and specialty products, most manufactured locally with others sourced internationally. Also supplying the best quality commercial carpets as part of our wonderful Nexus Carpets range allowing a whole new avenue to be opened to architects, specifiers and designers. Click on the logo to view our stunning ranges.
Carpet Contractors- Installers of Nouwens Carpets | Carpet & Light House
Nouwens Carpets
Carpets bearing the Nouwens logo make a statement about your sense of style and value. As master craftsmen we work to develop the finest fibres into a unique collection of simple, luxuriously finished quality carpets. And whether you choose our carpet for its quality, durability or beauty, only with correct carpet care from day one, can you maintain its hard-wearing, long lasting good looks. Click the logo to view our beautiful ranges
Carpet Contractors- Installers of Crossley Carpets | Carpet & Light House
Crossley Carpets
Crossley specialises in woven Axminster and Wilton carpets for the top end of the residential market and for custom designed contracts where creativity, appearance retention, aesthetics and dimensional stability are prime factors. We invite you to wander through our gallery and experience our creative spirit in casinos and cruise ships, hotels and homesteads, restaurants, clubs and conference venues.
Carpet Contractors- Installers of Van Dyck Carpets | Carpet & Light House
Van Dyck Carpets
Established in 1948 and with more than half a century of expertise in carpets and flooring, we offer top quality products at affordable prices. For a wide variety of colours & textures for any area, you've chosen the right brand.Durable and beautiful, can be used for your home, office, or even busier workplace. Have a look at our stunning ranges by simply clicking the logo!
Carpet Contractors- Installers of Wonstep Carpets | Carpet & Light House
Wonstep Carpets
The Wonstep range is a stylish & durable blend of high quality Wall to Wall Carpets available in an array of rich colours & vibrant designs, offering easy maintenance in your home. The Wonstep range of Commercial Carpets is an excellent choice for any office since it is durable and easy to maintain. It also allows for a variety of styles to be created using a combination of the colours.
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